Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring !

Hello ! So Spring is arriving ! Technically it has already started, but it is difficult to tell in this cold and rainy Vancouver weather. I love spring time because all the flowers start to bloom and everything is very pretty. I also love spring because that means cute dresses ! I am a huge fan of spring/summer dresses but only have the warm seasons to wear them, unless paired with tights or something cozy to keep warm. I have many dresses that I love but I narrowed it down to my top three spring dresses so here they are!

The first out of the three is very summery with the bright colours. It looks very boxy in the photo but when on it is fitted at the top, then flows down nicely at the bottom. I got it last spring from Zumiez so I could not find the exact link, but I did find one that is quite similar which I believe may be the 'updated' version of this dress.

This next one is clearly very simple, which is the exact reason I made the purchase ! I love that it is very versatile and could be paired with different accessories for an infinite amount of looks. The fabric is very soft as well, which makes it comfortable for day time wear. I also chose this high-low Maxi dress because it could be worn more so then short dresses.

The last one out of my favourites is my newest addition. I went into the store and fell in love with it ! I picked it up from Garage, and they had so many other patterns in the same style. The dress is a peplum style which I currently adore as I find it very flattering on all body types. Also the navy with white stripes just feels very cute and trendy at the same time, perfect for being in the sunshine !  

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