Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Closet Essentials

I am obsessed with fashion and trends. I am constantly looking at weheartit at all the cute outfits, which can give me an idea for an outfit to try. I love putting together new outfits just as much as I love buying new ones (hehe). But there are a few items that I find myself wearing weekly. They are my closet essentials! Now they may not be everyones essentials, but I think that the essentials will vary from person to person, as everyone has a different type of style. Here are my essentials.

The first item that I currently adore in my closet is my jacket from H&M. I really love this jacket as I find it very versatile. It's a loose fit that is longer than most jackets, which I like as I don't like wearing tight clothing on the top half. It also makes it very comfortable to wear on long flights or car drives.
It is perfect for fall as it is lighter than a winter jacket, but could still be worn in spring. The colour is a military green with greyish brown camouflage heart shape on it. I don't have a huge difficulty finding other clothes to match with this item either, so wearing it to or from your destination is ideal.


The next item is something that I think everyone should own a few pairs of, winter or spring. Leggings. Personally I like the look of leggings on myself better than jeans, and I also find leggings more comfortable than most jeans so why not? I have leggings in a few colours, black, grey, snakeskin and a few others. Most of my leggings are from Garage, as I like how the fabric and that they always have a huge selection of leggings. Having a pair of black leggings would be beneficial to mostly any of you because there are a whole variety of shirts and blouses you could wear them with.


The third item in my essentials is my purse.I don't buy a new purse that often as I always fall in love with  my current one. I had been looking online at the topshop website and had my eye on a purse for a while. So I decided that enough was enough and I should just make the purchase. It is the Studded Lady Holdall purse. I really like how there are two little straps to hold or an across the body strap for whatever you prefer.The colour being beige is again very versatile and the size is medium which permits for any daytime or night-time use. Doesn't this bag sound perfect ?!


The last item of my essentials are my combat boots. They are a nice brown colour with laces on the front and on the inside it is very cozy. These boots have lasted me long enough that I forget where I purchased them, but the brand is called Brash. These also match with most  of the items in my closet, which I find very useful. I couldn't find the link to this item but I purchased them at Payless.

So there you have it ! Those are my closet essentials. I think that it is very important to have key pieces that you can mix and match outfits with.  This way it will save you a bit of money, or will allow you to purchase more accessories to really change the outfit up to your delight. :)

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