Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Wants

So after Monday I will have finished my last exam and will be able to finally enjoy summer , the best time of the year ! I plan to spend this summer at the beach EVERY day and maybe plan some travelling to California, how do you guys plan on spending it ? Anyways I have put together a short list of some items that I have been eyeing for summertime. 

These shoes are so casual and perfect for everyday wear. I really love pastels, and the light colour of this shoe could go with multiple outfits.

A cardigan is perfect for summer nights when it is a bit chilly, but not cold enough to wear a full jacket. Plus Brandy cardigans are the comfiest one's that I have yet to find ! 

I have never seen a bralette like this one and I am dying to have it ! Bralette's, or bandeau's, are perfect  especially in the summer where loose shirts are a must. 
This ring is so playful and cute it could add some style to any outfit for a minimal cost, Forever 21 always amazes me with the low prices for such cute jewelry. 

Now I don't know where to get one of these, but this would be the ultimate summer piece ! It just reminds me of sunny days relaxing in the park.

Another item from Brandy, and I fell in love with the cutout on the back ! Just watch out for any awkward tan lines haha. 

I do not know how to use a penny board , but it looks like a ton of fun and easy transportation during the sunny weather.  Plus, how pretty is this pastel colour ?


Vans : Canvas Authentic in Placid Blue/True White , Vans
Cardigan : Brandy Melville Moselle Sweater 
Bralette: See You Monday Blue Celestial Bralette , found at Zumiez
Ring: Rhinestoned Cheetah Ring by Forever 21
Dress: Brandy Melville Bethan Dress
Penny Board : Pastel Penny 22" Mint by

Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 Things That Make Me Happy

So this blog post is about five different things that make me happy. The reason why I wanted to make this video was because for the past week I have been really sick and stuck in bed all day with a cough. Since I couldn't do anything I was becoming bored and a tad upset ! So I decided to make a list of a few things that make me smile ! 

These are in no particular order so I'll start off with travelling. I love travelling. Whether it's a week long vacation or even just a road trip I think that going somewhere new and seeing different cultures is really important. When I get away it relieves so much stress and also helps me to put my problems into perspective. 

Second thing that makes me happy are my pets ! I have a bunny, a cat and two dogs. When you come home and see you pets all excited to see you , that just warms my heart. They are also good companions to have when an unexpected scary movie trailer comes on when you are home alone.. 

The third thing that makes me happy is tumblr. I love tumblr.  A lot. When I first starting using tumblr I was thinking " What's the big deal about this?" But then when you start following blogs and reblogging photos, you are hooked. I love seeing all the pretty photos and it makes my day when I stumble across a really sarcastic post. Here's my tumblr if any of you are interested... :) 

The fourth thing that makes me happy are my friends and family. I have a few close friends that I trust my life with, one of them I've known for 11 years ! I feel like this helps with our friendship because we both know what each other have been through. I'm also really lucky to have a close relationship with my sister and my dad, as this is usually uncommon for teenagers. 

The last thing on my list that makes me happy is simplicity !! I do  not like when things get complicated or cluttered and it actually stresses me out. So keep things simple - at home and with your relationships!

I hope that these five things also make you guys as happy as they make me. I made a video of this post on my youtube channel if you guys want to check it out, I'll leave the link down below. Unfortunately exams are coming up soon so there most likely won't be a post or video until they are done, but you can always check me out on twitter or instagram !

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ombré !

I ombré - ed my hair ! woot ! I absolutely love it. I feel that it is PERFECT for summertime to add a bit of lightness without the commitment of being all over blond. Because the bottom half of my hair is dyed, it needs to be taken care of differently then I would take care of my natural hair, so here is a video I made to talk about what products I use. I apologize in advance for the poor quality, I filmed this off my phone as I have lost my camera :(


KMS California Colour Vitality Shampoo
KMS California Moist Repair Conditioner

Got2b Oil-licious golden shimmer Conditioner
Proclaim Professional Care Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque
Got2b rockin' it encore fresh Dry Shampoo
Got2b guardian angel gloss finish Flat Iron

Here are a few pictures of my hair :)