Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Little Bit Of Prose

Lately I have been obsessed with prose and how it flows so beautifully so I tried to give it a go. Here it is ...

Just to let you know, loving me won't be easy

I thoroughly apologize for all my flaws in advance

I can't promise you that I will be carefree all the time, as I worry so much to the point where I cannot control it

I can't promise you that I will agree with you when you're right, I have a bad habit of being stubborn, sorry

I can't promise you that you will never see me cry, as I tend to be too emotional, a simple song or memory can bring me to tears

But if you can love me despite what you now know

I promise to always love you 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lipstick Review

Hello ! So a few weeks ago I picked up the Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss,  Rimmel London. The colour I bought is number 12 , the name is Rossetto. I am in love with this lipstick. I have been wearing it almost every single day since I purchased it. This lipstick is very pigmented and the colour is gorgeous.

Normally I tend to shy away from bright lipsticks, as I had never been able to find one that also does a great job at moisturizing, but this one does the trick ! Another perk is that is stays on for quite some time, so reapplying is not necessary. I will definitely be going to buy more colours from this line. I highly recommend it as it is an all around perfect lipstick for night and day wear ! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Little Things

In a world full of materialistic items, it is hard to remember how happy and simple things can be. I have to admit, I love materialistic things, but at the end of the day this doesn't make me as happy. I remember how excited I was when young when I heard my dad come home. I would hear the door open, run to the front and just hug him. These little things, and moments are really what make life wonderful. I love the simple things in life, so here are a few that really just brighten my day.

White flowers. I love white flowers, any kind. Roses, tulips, you name it. There is something so elegant and clean about a white flower. It looks so fresh and has a certain innocence to it. Not to mention all flowers really do smell lovely.

Photo taken by me. 

Writing. I love when I read a quote or a sentence, and it just really makes you feel. You feel things that you didn't even know you could feel. I fall in love with this type of writing, and tend to read it over and over, and daydream about it. I like to think who the author wrote this about, and what they were going through at the time. I also love how each piece of writing can effect an individual so differently and deeply, and can connect to our lives. One of my favourite writers for a while now has been The River Speaks. You can check out their writing here ...

Now this next one sometimes confuses people. I love the rain and rain makes me happy. People usually get confused, as rain is usually associated with sadness and tears. Yes of course there are gloomy days, but I see the opposite. I see the rain as a beautiful thing. It's so calm to listen to, especially bundled up in your bed reading your favourite book. But it is also wonderful to walk in.  I love walking on the beach when it's raining and watching the rain hit the edges of the waves, for me it is something that is so magical, yet we take this for granted. Next time it rains, try taking a walk in it. You can have an umbrella if you wish, but just watch the raindrops hit the ground, as if all your worries were doing the same thing.

These are just a few of the simple things that I love. Simple is beautiful. Happy is beautiful. Life is beautiful.


Hello !

For those of you who are still in school , (such as me ) spring break is quickly approaching ! I tend to go away over the break and for some reason this stresses me out ?! I never know what or how much to pack, and always find myself anxious until i get there. Maybe out of fear that I am forgetting something. So heres a post that will help you get a better idea of what you should bring on your spring break trip. For the following trips you will of course need to bring the essentials, but I am going to tell you some things to try adding to your list for a stress free vacation. 

A Trip In The City.

If you are going into the city do check the weather. You do not want to arrive to what you thought was going to be warm, to realize that in fact it will be raining - the entire time. So plan ahead ! Bring part of your fall or winter wardrobe, such as long shirts and pants, and lots of layers.

Bring :

-  Jeans 
- A warm coat
- Small Umbrella
- Walking shoes or boots

Tropical Paradise:

If you happen to be going somewhere hot like Hawaii ( Me! ) you do not need to bring anything fall related, unless you want to be very overheated- not ideal. Bring lot's of your summery outfits such as shorts, tank tops and of course , your favourite bathing suits. 

Bring :

- Bikinis
- Sunscreen ! ( Very Important )
- A Sunhat 
- Sunglasses

Staying At Home : 

Spring Break is a time for relaxation. Even if you are not planning on going anywhere, do take the time to relax - you deserve it ! 


- Try a new local restaurant or cafe 
- Movie Marathon
- Spa day ( This could be done from your home as well )

Those are just some of the things that I recommend bringing, or doing, over spring break. However there are so many more things to do ! I want YOU guys to comment below any tips or items that you think should be added to this list. Have a great spring break ! 


Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Real Women."

So this is an issue that has recently been bothering me quite a bit. The use of the term "Real Women." Currently I was out shopping, looking through clothes, when I heard these two women talking behind me. They were staying stuff like " Why do they make size 0's or 2's, "real women" shouldn't be that size," and ""Real women are supposed to have curves."" Immediately I became a tad insecure, as I have always worn the smaller sizes and also lack curves.

 When I was younger I was one of the smallest kids - always. As I got older I managed to gain and maintain weight, and am now a perfectly healthy weight for my height. But when I hear rude things about what "Real Women" should look like, that upsets me. It also brings me to my next point, what should "Real Women" look like. As you may have noticed I have been putting the words 'Real Women' in quotation points , as there is no exact structure for what women should look like.

To me, "Real Women" are women who can embrace their body and take care of it. No matter your size, going to the gym will help you with your fitness goals. Do not mistake getting in shape for trying to lose weight. They are completely opposite! Getting in shape is different for everyone. It could be toning up, improving your stamina, or losing or gaining weight for HEALTH purposes- not appearance. Another way of taking care of your body is to eat a balanced diet. I'm not going to tell you to banish junk food and sweets forever, as this would be impossible for me (hehe). What I am going to tell you is to make sure that on most of the days you eat the well rounded diet consisting of fruits and veggies, whole grains, dairy and protein. This way when you eat your favourite dessert, it will feel well deserved instead of feeling guilty. Along with those two tips, drinking 8 glasses of water and getting a good night's sleep are ways that you can take care of your body. When you feel good on the inside, you feel good on the outside as well !

Every one owes it to themselves to be in shape, mentally and physically. So whether you are a size 0 or a size 16 , or whatever size you happen to be, embrace it. There are times when I get upset about having little to no curves, but that is the way my body type is. Learning to love your body can be a struggle, but well worth it. Try not to let those comments from anyone bring you down, because you are all so beautiful.

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You" - Dr. Seuss.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good Morning!

Hello ! Since this is my first blog post (eek!) I decided to talk about something very relatable. How to have a good morning ! Personally, whenever my morning goes well , the rest of my day seems to be better ! So here are the top five things that start my morning off on a good note.

1. Give yourself time. I know sleep may sound very appealing and that you try to get as much of it as possible! But this usually results in lots of running around and stress in the morning, which only carries on throughout the course of the day. So try to set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you would have, to avoid a rough start.

2. Eat! Many people tend to skip breakfast because they are in a hurry and simply do not have the time to sit down and eat. But it is a proven fact that eating breakfast is very beneficial! It gets your metabolism going and doesn't leave your tummy rumbling by first class. Take the time to sit down and have a healthy breakfast, such as greek yogourt and fruit or whole grain cereal, and you will notice a difference in your mood!

3. Caffeine. The recommended sleep time is around 8 to 9 hours. But let's be honest, who really gets that much sleep ! Whether you were up last night looking on Instagram or tumblr (guilty) or just could not stop tossing and turning, a quick cup of coffee or tea can help give you that energy boost that you need in the morning.

4. Music. I love listening to music all the time. But in the morning I find that really energetic sounds are a tad... frustrating?! I have to admit, I am not always a morning person and having to listen to someone who just has all this energy is tiring. So instead , I opt for something soothing. Currently my 'wake-up playlist' consists of songs such as 'Heart On Fire' by Jonathan Clay and 'Video Games' by Lana Del Rey.

5. Outfit. Now your outfit shouldn't be the most important factor of your day, but I tend to feel more confident when I am wearing a great outfit, whereas wearing a baggy hoodie and sweatpants make me feel more introversive. So put on the clothes that make you feel great, a swipe a lipstick and you are ready to go !

So these are just some simple things that help me in having a better morning, which result in a better day. These five tips really seem to help me, but everyone is different and may have a different technique! So, in the comments below I want YOU guys to write what is involved in your good morning.