Friday, May 17, 2013

Girly Reads

Now for anyone that knows me, they would know that I am SUCH a girly- girl. I love anything girly, pink and yes, glittery. hehe. I have trouble finding books that are made for a girly girl ! As I find that they are either too cheesy, or just have been looking in the wrong section. I have four books I wanted to share with you guys because if you love style, princesses, cupcakes and perfume, they are for you!
The first one is Lauren Conrad's Style book. I love this book because not only does it cover fashion and beauty, but it teaches you what will be useful in your closet and includes some beauty tutorials. The part that I really liked about it was the Key Pieces section, as well the travel section. I am a huge pack rat and hate to leave things behind when I'm going on a vacation, so the "Strategic Packing" page was super helpful so I don't need to bring two suitcases for a weekend get-away. And also, who doesn't want to take any advice from Lauren Conrad? 
Ok so the next book I got when I was a bit younger, maybe 14 or so, but I think that it is one the funnest books! It's Meg Cabot's Perfect Princess book. It's from the Princess Diaries saga and I have read this front to back countless times. It's really fun because they talk about anyone from "Perfect Princesses" such as Anastasia, to "Should-Be Princesses" like the Powerpuff girls. Anyone who had ever wanted, (or perhaps still wants) to be a princess should pick this up for helpful tips to become an everyday princess. 
(Ariel has and always will be my favourite Princess! Who is yours?)

The third book is delicious. Looking at the pages could easily induce drool. It's called "Bake Me I'm Yours... Cupcake Love" by Zoe Clark. If you love baking you need this book. It shows amazing cupcake designs as well as the original recipe in the back. I actually haven't tried to make any of the decorations yet, but I have baked the "Chocolate Temptation" recipe. It was to die for. 
The last one is a very elegantly presented book. It is written by Jo Glanville-Blackburn , " A Passion For Perfume." It is such a pretty book containing pictures of perfume bottles, flowers from which the scents are based upon and classy displays. It talks about the different kinds of perfumes, such as oriental classics, floral, oriental and a few more. Something that I found helpful about this was that you could read this book to get a feel of what scents intrigue you, so the next time you go to the shop your trip could be much easier. 
I really suggest that you check out these books for a light, fun read. I want to know if YOU have read any of these and what your thoughts were, and also I am more than happy to receive and suggestions on YOUR favourite girly books. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Happiness is simple, right ? For some, that may not be the case. We get so upset when someone says something mean to us, but is that really why we're upset? Now I'm not saying that it's normal to be happy if someone says something mean, as no one likes to hear those things. What I am saying is the reason that some things affect us so deeply is because we truly think them about ourselves. Just think about. Perhaps you have put on a few extra pounds than you would have liked. You already are upset about the fact that you are gaining weight and the last thing you needed was that rude comment from someone. This only saddens you even more. Or let's say that one day you wake up with terrible blemishes all over and someone comments on it. The reason that we get so offended by this, is because someone is simply taking the words out of our head, and using them against us. 

Now with that being said, we cannot change those around us. We can only try to change ourselves and the way we react to things. This can be a long, and difficult process, but with time happiness can yours.

What we need is to come to peace with ourselves. For some of you reading this, you might be thinking that this is impossible. Everyday girls and boys, including myself, point out something negative about ourselves. "Oh my knees are too knobby", and "my hair is too frizzy". Why is it that we always jump to the physical aspects in a negative approach? Learning to compliment yourself on your inner traits, such as kindness, courage, etc, are so much more important.  I bet you know those girls who are so beautiful, girls are always jealous and all the guys fancy them. But once you take a look on the inside, you can see that they are broken. Even though I blog about beauty, it isn't everything. When you are able to compliment who you ARE and not your appearance, so much beauty will shine through. 

I believe that we can only become at peace with ourselves if we are willing too. If you hold negative energy in from something someone will say, you always remain upset. So next time someone does or says something mean, forgive them. Do not forgive them because they deserve it, but forgive them so you can be at peace. So you can move on. With this being said, do not let others take advantage of you so always stand up for yourself. Even confronting the person who said a rude comment, is a way of forgiveness. It gives you that sense of closure, and then you can be happy within.

I am still on my way to become at peace within, but I can already feel the difference. I have started doing yoga which I try to do at least 3 times a week, and it can easily be done at home. Be in a room, or outside, with no TV or computer on to distract you, put the cellphone away, close your eyes and relax.

Of course you are going to get bad days, it's a part of life. But in general you should be happy. There are so many beautiful places and moments and opportunities in life to let ourselves get in the way of it. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Calgon Luminous Bath Pearls

The other day I picked up some items for the bath, as you may know how much I love baths. I found these Luminous Bath Pearls by Calgon which I had never seen before so I decided to pick them up sheerly for the prettiness of them. Now I believe that the ideal purpose of this product is for the appearance of younger looking skin, but there is never any harm in having moisturized skin. The pearls contain three main ingredients , pearl powder, collagen and vitamin E. This is called "Vita-Pearl Technology."  As well as these benefits the pearls have such a delicate smell to them, and this lingers after the bath. Pour a handful into running water and the pearls will disintegrate and leave you with a fresh smell and soft glow. I picked these up at Shoppers Drug Mart, so I believe that they shouldn't be too hard to find! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

April Favourites - Beauty Edition

I cannot believe that it is already May ! Where has the time gone ? In less than two months I will be done school, and will be able to focus more on the things I love, such as this blog ! April was a very tough month for me as I had many exams and tests all planned within the same month, isn't it great when this happens? NO. But I did have help from these next five beauty items. So in case you have a lot of school, exams or stressful events coming up in the future, you might want to use one of these beauty products. They got me through it !

The first one is Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. I had been using this cleanser before this month, but I just want to emphasize how great is is. There is a slight scent too it, but nothing over powerful. It leaves your skin so smooth that afterwards you want to just touch your face.. but don't as this could cause more blemishes hehe. It has been a huge help in keeping my complexion clear and smooth.

The second beauty item is also a facial product, and is called Facial Clay Mask by Freeman. I picked up the Avocado & Oatmeal version and I absolutely love it. When rinsing the mask off I could feel it cleansing my pores and my face felt so fresh afterwards. Another bonus to this item is that it is very inexpensive, so it's perfect for any of you who already spend to much money on beauty items. (Guilty.)

Now moving onto makeup. This foundation I have had for quite some time and always re-purchase it. It is the Revlon ColorStay foundation for Combination/Oily skin. Having such fair skin can be a challenge when shopping for foundations as they tend to appear very orange, even in the lightest shade. But this one does not show up orange ! I got it in the lightest shade, 110 Ivory. The coverage of this is very full but feels quite light when applying.

The fourth item is an item that I picked up not too long ago, but you would not be able to tell by looking at it. It is the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Serum in Freshly Rose, or S106. This colour is a medium shade of pink, so it makes it for a very natural wear which I though would be perfect for the summertime. It also is very moisturizing so it doesn't chalk up on my lips.

Last but not least is an eyeliner trio by Physicians Formula. The full name is Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio in Nude Eyes. These eyeliners apply very smoothly and have a pigmented finish. I also like how you can play it up with more black, or tone it down with the neutrals.

So there it is , my first Monthly Favourites post! I hope you enjoyed it and if you think that I should continue to make monthly favourites please leave a comment down below.