Saturday, May 11, 2013


Happiness is simple, right ? For some, that may not be the case. We get so upset when someone says something mean to us, but is that really why we're upset? Now I'm not saying that it's normal to be happy if someone says something mean, as no one likes to hear those things. What I am saying is the reason that some things affect us so deeply is because we truly think them about ourselves. Just think about. Perhaps you have put on a few extra pounds than you would have liked. You already are upset about the fact that you are gaining weight and the last thing you needed was that rude comment from someone. This only saddens you even more. Or let's say that one day you wake up with terrible blemishes all over and someone comments on it. The reason that we get so offended by this, is because someone is simply taking the words out of our head, and using them against us. 

Now with that being said, we cannot change those around us. We can only try to change ourselves and the way we react to things. This can be a long, and difficult process, but with time happiness can yours.

What we need is to come to peace with ourselves. For some of you reading this, you might be thinking that this is impossible. Everyday girls and boys, including myself, point out something negative about ourselves. "Oh my knees are too knobby", and "my hair is too frizzy". Why is it that we always jump to the physical aspects in a negative approach? Learning to compliment yourself on your inner traits, such as kindness, courage, etc, are so much more important.  I bet you know those girls who are so beautiful, girls are always jealous and all the guys fancy them. But once you take a look on the inside, you can see that they are broken. Even though I blog about beauty, it isn't everything. When you are able to compliment who you ARE and not your appearance, so much beauty will shine through. 

I believe that we can only become at peace with ourselves if we are willing too. If you hold negative energy in from something someone will say, you always remain upset. So next time someone does or says something mean, forgive them. Do not forgive them because they deserve it, but forgive them so you can be at peace. So you can move on. With this being said, do not let others take advantage of you so always stand up for yourself. Even confronting the person who said a rude comment, is a way of forgiveness. It gives you that sense of closure, and then you can be happy within.

I am still on my way to become at peace within, but I can already feel the difference. I have started doing yoga which I try to do at least 3 times a week, and it can easily be done at home. Be in a room, or outside, with no TV or computer on to distract you, put the cellphone away, close your eyes and relax.

Of course you are going to get bad days, it's a part of life. But in general you should be happy. There are so many beautiful places and moments and opportunities in life to let ourselves get in the way of it. 


  1. This is so brilliant. I saw a quote this morning by Alain de Botton, saying "It isn't logical that 'being happy' should be any easier than, say, learning the violin - or require any less effort." which I think is so true. I definitely need to work at being a peace with myself more, and not letting the little things get to me! xx

    1. Wow thank you ! Unfortunately it can take a long time to become at peace, but I believe it will be worth it