Friday, May 17, 2013

Girly Reads

Now for anyone that knows me, they would know that I am SUCH a girly- girl. I love anything girly, pink and yes, glittery. hehe. I have trouble finding books that are made for a girly girl ! As I find that they are either too cheesy, or just have been looking in the wrong section. I have four books I wanted to share with you guys because if you love style, princesses, cupcakes and perfume, they are for you!
The first one is Lauren Conrad's Style book. I love this book because not only does it cover fashion and beauty, but it teaches you what will be useful in your closet and includes some beauty tutorials. The part that I really liked about it was the Key Pieces section, as well the travel section. I am a huge pack rat and hate to leave things behind when I'm going on a vacation, so the "Strategic Packing" page was super helpful so I don't need to bring two suitcases for a weekend get-away. And also, who doesn't want to take any advice from Lauren Conrad? 
Ok so the next book I got when I was a bit younger, maybe 14 or so, but I think that it is one the funnest books! It's Meg Cabot's Perfect Princess book. It's from the Princess Diaries saga and I have read this front to back countless times. It's really fun because they talk about anyone from "Perfect Princesses" such as Anastasia, to "Should-Be Princesses" like the Powerpuff girls. Anyone who had ever wanted, (or perhaps still wants) to be a princess should pick this up for helpful tips to become an everyday princess. 
(Ariel has and always will be my favourite Princess! Who is yours?)

The third book is delicious. Looking at the pages could easily induce drool. It's called "Bake Me I'm Yours... Cupcake Love" by Zoe Clark. If you love baking you need this book. It shows amazing cupcake designs as well as the original recipe in the back. I actually haven't tried to make any of the decorations yet, but I have baked the "Chocolate Temptation" recipe. It was to die for. 
The last one is a very elegantly presented book. It is written by Jo Glanville-Blackburn , " A Passion For Perfume." It is such a pretty book containing pictures of perfume bottles, flowers from which the scents are based upon and classy displays. It talks about the different kinds of perfumes, such as oriental classics, floral, oriental and a few more. Something that I found helpful about this was that you could read this book to get a feel of what scents intrigue you, so the next time you go to the shop your trip could be much easier. 
I really suggest that you check out these books for a light, fun read. I want to know if YOU have read any of these and what your thoughts were, and also I am more than happy to receive and suggestions on YOUR favourite girly books. 

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