Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Wants

So after Monday I will have finished my last exam and will be able to finally enjoy summer , the best time of the year ! I plan to spend this summer at the beach EVERY day and maybe plan some travelling to California, how do you guys plan on spending it ? Anyways I have put together a short list of some items that I have been eyeing for summertime. 

These shoes are so casual and perfect for everyday wear. I really love pastels, and the light colour of this shoe could go with multiple outfits.

A cardigan is perfect for summer nights when it is a bit chilly, but not cold enough to wear a full jacket. Plus Brandy cardigans are the comfiest one's that I have yet to find ! 

I have never seen a bralette like this one and I am dying to have it ! Bralette's, or bandeau's, are perfect  especially in the summer where loose shirts are a must. 
This ring is so playful and cute it could add some style to any outfit for a minimal cost, Forever 21 always amazes me with the low prices for such cute jewelry. 

Now I don't know where to get one of these, but this would be the ultimate summer piece ! It just reminds me of sunny days relaxing in the park.

Another item from Brandy, and I fell in love with the cutout on the back ! Just watch out for any awkward tan lines haha. 

I do not know how to use a penny board , but it looks like a ton of fun and easy transportation during the sunny weather.  Plus, how pretty is this pastel colour ?


Vans : Canvas Authentic in Placid Blue/True White , Vans
Cardigan : Brandy Melville Moselle Sweater 
Bralette: See You Monday Blue Celestial Bralette , found at Zumiez
Ring: Rhinestoned Cheetah Ring by Forever 21
Dress: Brandy Melville Bethan Dress
Penny Board : Pastel Penny 22" Mint by

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